Friday 9 August 2019, 2:00-5:00 pm




Yes, You CAN Spin Like That!: Wonders of the Wheel

What lies along the road of experimentation and adventure? The start of art yarn! Sample the wonders of spinning wheels from more than ten different makers that will be provided for use (though you’re welcome to bring your own working wheel) as we try our skills at core spinning, textured spinning, incorporating add-ins, multi-thread plying, and more.* Experience the zing of finding out just what you CAN spin!


* Class fee includes 2 ounces of solid-color Merino to spin, up to 1oz of various add-ins, and threads of various kinds and colors for plying.
Students may bring additional fiber from home for their use if they so desire. Such fiber should already be prepared for spinning as roving, top, rolags, or a batt.
Students may also purchase more fiber from the Foldout Cat for an additional fee to be paid in class.

Students who own working wheels are welcome to bring them if they wish to do so. Please, no nonfunctioning or classic/historic wheels.