What is Freestyle weaving?

Freestyle weaving is about expressing yourself. There are no rules about what you must do or how you have to do it, what materials you can or can't use, or what size or style your work has to be.

Freestyle weaving can include yarn, fabric, paper, wire, metal, beads, shells, found objects ... if you can touch it (and if it stays still!), you can weave with it.

Cloth woven freestyle can be made into so many things:

  • vests, shirts, skirts and other clothing;

  • wall hangings, table runners, and placemats;

  • scarves, hats, and cowls;

  • the cloth for an altar or the surplice for a ceremony …

... it's up to the weaver - the artist - you

What is freestyle weaving? At the core, it's weaving what you feel. No rules, no musts, no expectations. Just you, creating what’s beautiful to you.