Sunday 11 August 2019, 1:30-4:30 pm




The Good
Kind of Blues: Dyeing with Indigo

The rich and varied blues of indigo dyeing have been all over the fiber world of late - and here’s your chance to take the plunge! Esther will teach students the basic mechanics of indigo dyeing, after which they will gain hands-on experience of the “good kind of blues.” Students will dye a cotton or silk item to take home, choosing from options including scarves, tea towels, and even socks. They will also have the option to dye more such items (additional in-class fee per item), to dye small 100-percent animal- or plant-fiber items they bring from home (additional in-class fee per item), and even to take home their own indigo dye pail after using it in class (additional in-class fee per, well, pail)!*


* Students should wear clothing and shoes they won’t mind getting wet and a bit blued up :-).

** Fees: $5 per item purchased from the Foldout Cat; $2 per item brought from home; $12 per dye pail (covering both pail and dye).