Handcrafted Household Goods

Woven, crocheted, and stitched, these items are fun, useful, and one-of-a-kind. Really. Because they're handmade, many with recycled or upcycled materials, no two are alike. Have a color or theme in mind? We can match it - just ask!


Scrubbie Towels

These extra-large flour sack towels have an extra feature: a woven scrubbie section sewn in. Need to do a quick clean-up? You've got the tools right there.



Made from scrap fabric and yarn, these bowls are colorful accents for any room. The largest ones double as coasters for mason jars and mugs, the mediums for cans and bottles.


Mug Mats

Woven and stitched double-thick, these will protect surfaces from moisture, heat, and cold.


Dish and Face Scrubbies

Soft on the sides, scrubby in the middle. Available in a wide range of colors.


Pot Lid potholders

Protect your hands from metal pot-lid handles that never seem to "Stay-Cool"! 100% cotton, machine-washable, many colors available.