Saturday 10 AUGUST 2019, 5:30-7:00 PM




Dropping Acid (Dyes): A Taste of Many Colors

Wallow in colors out the wazoo and savor a taste of what it’s like to shade your own rainbow. Observe and absorb for free, or bring your own natural-fiber piece and walk away with a beauty to dye for.* It’s your night, and your choice.


* Saturated observation won’t cost you a red cent. Want to try your hand at dyeing up something nifty? Bring a smallish piece or two (but please, no more than that) of animal-fiber cloth in some form (wool scarf? embroidered silk handkerchief?) and pay a mere $5 to dip it and dye it, or dye a Merino wool mini braid (approx 1oz) or a silk scarf purchased from the Foldout Cat for only $10.