Finished Handmade works

Tea-jar coozies and dragonscale gloves … crocheted pretties and woven wearables … hats, scarves, and shawls … and so much more! Whether you're trying to stay warm, play hard, or just dress up your everyday look, the Foldout Cat has something for you. Need something special? Talk to us about custom ordering!

mug-style quart coozie.jpg

Bottle and Jar Coozies

Take your drink of choice with you wherever you go in a fun, funky crocheted coozie! Mason jars, water bottles, crowlers, and more - these stretchy carriers hold a wide variety of drinking vessels with the greatest of ease. Wear your coozie cross-body, hold it comfortably with your hand through the mug-style handle, or set it on your desk ready for your thirsty use. These sell out fast - especially in the summertime - so carpe coozie, y’all.

Custom orders welcome. Available in three sizes and three styles.

  • Sizes:

    • Large holds quart (24 oz) Mason jar, most 24-36 oz water bottles, most 24-32 oz takeout drink cups, and crowlers.

    • Medium holds pint (16 oz) Mason jars and most 16-20 oz water bottles.

    • Small holds half-pint (8 oz) Mason jars, small water bottles, and 12 oz cans.

  • Styles:

    • Long strap

    • Mug-style (pictured)

    • No-handle

Fingerless Gloves

Keep your hands warm and your fingertips free! Our plain fingerless gloves are about 6" long, with the thumbhole conveniently placed so that you can wear the long side to cover more of your fingers or more of your wrists, as you wish. They fit average adults’ hands; custom-ordered sizes and colors available. Choose from our stock or choose your colors and we'll make them for you.

Dragonscale gloves

Or mermaid gloves … unicorn gloves … your-favorite-fantastical-creature-here gloves! Whatever you call them, they’re our most popular style of fingerless handwear. Available in wrist- or mid-arm-length, these stunning gloves are warm and washable. They fit average adults’ hands and arms; custom orders in other sizes and colors are also available.

These sell out fast, and we rarely have more than a few in stock - so if you see ‘em here, order ‘em now!


Handwoven one-of-a-kind Clothing

Freestyle weaving produces a unique fabric out of which beautiful clothing can be made in a variety of sizes and styles. Shop our unique finished pieces, let us create something for you, or take a class and make your own!

Handwoven One-of-a-kind outerwear

The colorful, textured fabric produced in freestyle weaving makes for eyecatching outerwear - hats, scarves, shawls, and more. Choose from our unique finished pieces, let us create something for you, or take a class and make your own!


Virus Shawls

So many shawls, so little time … but nothing to stop you from wearing a different one every day of the week - or year! These crocheted Virus shawls, from a beautifully simple pattern (available free on Ravelry) are our most popular style and come in a range of colors. The shawl fits most body types from shoulder to hip and can double as a hip wrap.


Classic crocheted Hats

Some call ‘em beanies, or toboggans, or even touques. We just call ‘em hats: comfy, close-fitting, and warm. We carry two styles, both made wool-free:

  • Messy-bun hats are constructed with a hole in the top to accommodate locs, a ponytail, or other styles of big/long hair. The hole is crocheted around a hairband to keep it from overstretching and to help contain the hair.

  • No-bun hats have a closed top.

Available in a variety of sizes and colors and quick to make to custom order, so don’t hesitate to ask.


Scarves of Other Sorts

Every once in a while, especially around the holidays, the Chief Feline gets a jones for scarf-making, and these are the result. Wind the long colorful strands of the cuff-and-fringe scarves around your neck, tuck them through the matching cuff, and wear this cross between outerwear and jewelry with pride. Or snag one of our crocheted cable scarves in tweeds and earth tones. Either way, count on being stylishly warm.