FRIDAY 9 AUGUST 2019, 8:30-11:30 AM



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Create Your
Acid Dyes
in Action

Learn the basics of acid dying from the Mistress of Shade, Tone, and Hue! Esther will show students how acid dyes work, walk them through creating dye solutions, and teach them how to use the dyes on wool fiber or silk scarves to create a range of beautiful colors.* They will also have the option to dye more fiber or scarves provided by the Foldout Cat, or to dye small 100-percent animal-fiber items they bring from home, each for an additional fee.** If you like, sign up for Sunday morning’s SAORI weaving class and use your own hand-dyed gorgeousness to weave your heart!


* Students should wear clothing and shoes they won’t mind getting wet and a bit multicolored :-). Two ounces of undyed Merino wool or one silk scarf (8”x 54”) included in price of class.

** Acid dyes work on protein fibers, such as silk, wool, angora, alpaca, mohair, feathers, and even nylon (chemically similar to silk; thanks, Dharma Trading Co., for the info!). Fees for additional items to dye: $5 per item purchased from the Foldout Cat; $2 per item brought from home.