CLASSES By Appointment

Want to learn to weave, spin, card fiber, or sew basic items? The Cat can help with that! We teach classes by appointment in freestyle weaving, basic spinning, basic carding, and sewing handwoven fabric into simple garments or household accents. No experience necessary. Ages 6 and up are welcome. Students under 10 require adult supervision; the Foldout Cat’s studio will provide a comfy chair, water or tea, and Wifi for the supervisory adult’s enjoyment.

Already know what sort of class you want to take and when? Book your appointment right now! Or message the Chief Feline on Facebook or by email, if those are more your style. Otherwise, check out our listings below for more detail on what we offer.


We provide the looms and the materials, the sewing machines and the scissors. You provide your own personal sense of what's beautiful - to YOU. Together, we'll make something wonderful.

Weaving students have access to a wide array of yarns and other materials and are welcome to bring anything they'd like to add to their project. They leave with what they create or can choose to come back to work on a larger project.

Just want to experiment? Play with color and texture and have fun making something new! Have a specific idea or look in mind? We can teach you techniques to help make it happen. 

Up to seven students can weave at one time, making the Foldout Cat a great choice for an evening out with friends. Wine and Weaving or an iced-tea-style Weavening - it’s up to you.

Classes currently available (two hours long unless otherwise noted or negotiated):

  • Starting out

  • Further exploration

  • Special skills: winding your own warp

  • Special skills: warping the loom

  • Special skills: warp techniques from skipped threads to supplementals

  • Special skills: weft techniques from inlay to interlock

  • Ongoing project

  • COMING SOON: make-and-take classes - envelope clutch, messenger bag, free-form hood, and more!


Need a bit of help with basic spinning skills? You’ve come to the right place! Here at the Foldout Cat, we believe that everyone’s a secret spinner, and we’re happy to help you prove the truth of that to yourself by giving you a hand with the fundamentals, from drafting to fiber control to simple plying.

Bring your own (working) spinning wheel and get to know its strengths and quirks. Or rent one of our wheels for a small additional fee and explore the possibilities! As of July 2019, our studio herd includes wheels from the following makers:

Classes currently available (two hours long unless otherwise noted or negotiated):

  • Basic spinning on a spinning wheel

  • Spinning the Herd: Trying Out Wheels for Fun and Profit

  • COMING SOON: The fundamentals of art yarn

Fiber preP: Carding

Ever wanted to create your own custom blend of fibers, colors, and textures, whether for spinning, weaving, felting, or other artistic inventiveness? The Foldout Cat has the tools and supplies to help you realize that dream. We’ll show you how to use hand carders and blending boards to blend fibers and colors. Or we’ll put you on one of our drum carders - three from Strauch in different sizes and a Fancy Kitty - and walk you through how to make a beautiful batt to take home for your fiber-crafting pleasure. The choices, as ever, are yours.

Classes currently available (two hours long unless otherwise noted or negotiated; additional fee in-class fee may be charged by agreement):

  • Carding basics: hand carders and blending boards

  • Carding basics: how to use a drum carder

  • Gettin’ Batty with It: Art-Batt Tools & Techniques

Basic sewing

Classes currently available (two hours long unless otherwise noted or negotiated):

  • Basic skills

  • Reverse applique

  • Simple vests

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