FRIDAY 9 AUGUST 2019, 5:30-8:30 PM




The Art of Fiber - Carding, Spinning & Weaving Demos

Join Esther and the artists of the Foldout Cat as they celebrate the new gallery exhibitions featured in Art After Hours by carding, spinning, and weaving outside studio 258 on the Barking Dog Arts wing of Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. Come watch and enjoy - or bring your own tools* and participate!


* Card-carrying carder? Bring your functional hand carders, blending board, or drum carder (with cart or table, please), plus a carding chair of your preferred sort. Savvy spinster? Bring your working spinning wheel or drop spindle and the chair you like to spin from. Weaving wonder? Bring your warped, operational handheld or tabletop loom (and accompanying table) or your portable floor loom and your favorite weaving bench. In each case, please also bring the fiber or yarn with which you want to work. And welcome!