Saturday 10 August 2019, 1:30-4:30 pm



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Adventurous Spinning: Add It, Twist It, Ply It

Aware of the basics of spinning fiber on a wheel and looking to expand your horizons a bit? Sign up for this class! Spinning wheels from more than ten makers will be available for use (though you’re welcome to bring your own working spinning wheel) as Esther guides us on a tour of bumps, tails, cores, coils, and more!*


* Class fee includes 2 ounces of solid-color Merino to spin, threads of various kinds and colors for plying, and up to 1 ounce of add-ins (locks, angelina, etc.) for use in exploring art-yarn techniques. Students may bring additional fiber or add-ins such as locks from home for their use if they so desire. Such fiber should already be prepared for spinning in whatever form is appropriate. Students may also purchase more fiber and/or add-ins from the Foldout Cat for an additional fee to be paid in class.

Students who own working wheels are welcome to bring them if they wish to do so. Please, no nonfunctioning or classic/historic wheels.